Sunday, May 24, 2009

Can you believe it?!

A 3 person corporation called Forge Monster Inc. has wardecced the University this time. This is absolutely ridiculous, and is making me consider other options in the game.

I honestly don't see why you should be able to easily declare war on a neutral corporation like the University. Fifty million ISK is nothing, so there's hardly any incentive not to wardec the University.


  1. I'm surprised that EU doesn't take care of this sort of thing for you - like why don't they have a "Hunt them down and make them beg us to stop killing them over and over" division? Seems like a great way to teach PVP.

    Agent EVE, AFK Gamer

  2. They do have such a thing: the entire student body! Unfortunately, this doesn't change the policy that you can't leave the station alone, and can't run missions, haul, or mine.