Sunday, June 26, 2011

First impressions of null sec

Well, we've been in null sec for about 2 weeks and things are going pretty well. We've had a quite a bit of fun and excitement out here, including:
  • An SBU being dropped into our main system we had set up two days. We managed to kill it before things got too ugly
  • Getting hot dropped by a titan while we were jumping a jump freighter to our POS. The JF managed to jump back out before it could get destroyed (phew!)
  • Mining like crazy with the alliance to get our our industry level up (I love mining...)
  • Playing cat and mouse with a cloaky for a full evening. The cloaky got the better of us, unfortunately, but I didn't die...
We are getting a lot more participation from some of our corp mates who had drifted off as well, so on the whole, I'd say 0.0 has been a big success so far.