Sunday, January 2, 2011

Toon update

I guess today I'll take a minute to just explain what's up with my toons.

Radd Trigon

My main toon is Radd Trigon. He's an Amarr capsuleer, and currently is sitting on 21m skill points. I have also about 800k+ of refunded learning skill points to spend, but haven't really decided where I want to put them at this point.

Radd is very much an indy focused pilot, but has a fair amount of skill points on being able to fly a few combat ships. My top 3 skill categories are:
  • Industry: 8.3m skill points including the following Level 5 skills: Industry, Mass Production, Mining, Mining Upgrades, Production Efficiency, Refinery Efficiency, Refining, Ice Harvesting, and Advanced Mass Production (that last one is about 10% of my total skill points!). In addition, I have all ore processing skills trained up to level 4. Basically, if it has to do with mining or construction, Radd's got it covered pretty well.
  • Spaceship Command: I have trained 3.3m skill points in this category, including Level 5 in the following: Amarr Frigate, Amarr Industrial, Mining Barge, and Spaceship Command. I am exclusively an Amarr pilot, and can't fly any other ships. I can currently fly Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers, Battle Cruisers, Battleships, Covert Ops Frigates, Interceptors, and Exhumers. I am currently awaiting delivery of my first stealth bomber, and can't wait to be able to cruise around nearly invisible. I spend most of my time in a BS, BC, or Hulk.
  • Electronics: I have trained 2.2m skill points in Electronics, with four skills trained to Level 5: Electronics, Electronics Upgrades, Propulsion Jamming, and Targeting. I have spent a fair amount of points to be a decent fleet tackler, but as I don't spend much time in fleets, my abilities here are mostly book learning without much practical application.
Radd is pretty much focused on mission running and mining these days, and spends half of his time in high sec and the other half in low sec. He's been in 0.0 only once, although when we was there, he dropped off jump clone in the station. Now that I have my new alt, he does not get involved in POS tending anymore.

Radd is currently focused on bumping up his combat skills, and is in the process of training up skills to improve his DPS at this point. After that, it's unknown, but I might get started on some capital ship skills. Who knows?

Tel Radic

Tel is new enough that he is still in his speed learning mode, with 1.5m skill points. He is a Caldari because I want to get him into a Drake eventually, but spends most of his time in a Merlin (a Caldari frigate) or an Iteron Mark V (Gallente industrial).

Tel is currently primarily focused on POS tending. He is fully trained up to Gallente Industrial V (his only Level 5 skill), and is able to fly a rigged Itty V which makes POS tending a lot better than it was for Radd in his unrigged Bestower. Unfortunately, by racing straight to Itty V, he has almost no other skills to speak of!

Tel is in the process of becoming a better Itty V pilot, and then will move on to become a Gallente freighter pilot. After that, I see Tel focusing on supporting other pilots, both in indy operations and in combat operations. I see him getting into an Orca and possibly a Rorqual, and then possibly moving on to train for flying logistics or command ships. I also expect Tel to train up leadership skills along the way. Obviously, this training is WAY in the future, so I fully expect this plan to change.

Anyway, that's a bit about where my toons are now, as well as where they might be going. Hopefully I haven't given you so much information that you will be able to waste me the second you see me, but if you do, I'd appreciate it if you'd at least let me know you read my blog after you've podded me...

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