Friday, August 28, 2009

Eve news sources

One good thing about WoW was that there was a pretty constrant stream of WoW related news and information coming out on a regular basis. WoW Insider ( provided many articles every day on WoW topics. When I played WoW, WoW Insider was on my daily rotation of web sites to read.

Now that I've switched to Eve, I find that the sources for Eve-related information are much more scarce. I read which covers MMOs in general and which has some Eve information, usually something each day. In addition, the dev blog ( can provide some interesting reading. Unfortunately, that's about all I know of for providing Eve news.

Anyone out there know of any good Eve news sources? Please post them in the comments...



    And if you're looking for blogs...

    That will give you more EVE content than you can keep up with :)

    And for some reason I can't paste in to this textbox in Firefox...

  2. lol, i would post exactly what belamar did.